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I'm giving away a FREE customized pair of goggles (choose from one of my designs for sale or commission your own) for the creation of a TwoHornsUnited vector image and a personalized name font for banners.

As some of you know, I'm really not that good at digital art. Crafting is where my skill is.
However for upcoming events I need a custom logo for watermarks, business cards...etc, and a customized "TwoHornsUnited Creations"
font for the use of banners and things.

My ideas for a watermark logo are a little vague, But I need something in vector style possibly with the name of my business with a font similar or exactly the same as the banner font.
Something involving ram horns, gas masks, cogs...etc
It has to kind of relate to my name and be unique, not a design that's been done before.
I'm going for something a little darker, alternative, or horror-esque and still clean enough to be a vector

I will be rewarding the person who comes up with these designs for me with a pair of awesome customized goggles of their choice free of charge, shipped directly to them.

However, this is not an official contest, meaning that if only a few people submit and I don't choose any for whatever reason, I will not be giving away free goggles. This is only if I find the right design.
I found my band's album artwork on here by doing a similar giveaway, so I'm hoping the results from this will be just as good :)

Hope to hear from some of you soon! :)
are alllll messed up. I just realized that the date and time on camera was still set at 2007 xD
So yeah, I guess ignore that. Everything you see on my deviant art was from this year lol
Ok, so here's the deal fellow deviants.
I play drums in this progressive metal band I'm in called The Antitype and we're close to having our first EP finished
and I NEED cover artwork for the CD inserts and just for general distribution with the album, and seeing as i'm not very skilled in graphic art, that's where you come in.

Basically for whoever submits the most suitable artwork I'm going to GIVE AWAY FOR FREE one of my custom mask of their choice off my etsy shop here -->…
in exchange for artwork to use and distribute for this album.
To get a feel for our sound and imagery (the blue logo we want included on the front of the CD, the "A" cogwheel on the back) you can check out my band's facebook page here -->
Our album will be titled "Convergence"
We're going for something slightly dark, but not evil.
Think like a merging of technology with organics. A very cyberpunk type future.
It can be photography, digital art, or a painting as long as it fits and the resolution is good.
Also it doesn't have to be a completely new piece for the album. If you have existing artwork you think would be suitable please feel free as long as you don't mind our band name being somewhere on the piece.

In addition to getting a free mask and having your art featured on our album, you'll also be credited on the actual album too :)

UPDATE: Deadline for it should be within the next 3 weeks. Also! second place will get a choice of a free pokemon mask or pokemon goggles and have their artwork featured on the Inner CD inserts. :)

Hope to hear some responses guys!

- Brian