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I'm giving away a FREE customized pair of goggles (choose from one of my designs for sale or commission your own) for the creation of a TwoHornsUnited vector image and a personalized name font for banners.

As some of you know, I'm really not that good at digital art. Crafting is where my skill is.
However for upcoming events I need a custom logo for watermarks, business cards...etc, and a customized "TwoHornsUnited Creations"
font for the use of banners and things.

My ideas for a watermark logo are a little vague, But I need something in vector style possibly with the name of my business with a font similar or exactly the same as the banner font.
Something involving ram horns, gas masks, cogs...etc
It has to kind of relate to my name and be unique, not a design that's been done before.
I'm going for something a little darker, alternative, or horror-esque and still clean enough to be a vector

I will be rewarding the person who comes up with these designs for me with a pair of awesome customized goggles of their choice free of charge, shipped directly to them.

However, this is not an official contest, meaning that if only a few people submit and I don't choose any for whatever reason, I will not be giving away free goggles. This is only if I find the right design.
I found my band's album artwork on here by doing a similar giveaway, so I'm hoping the results from this will be just as good :)

Hope to hear from some of you soon! :)
are alllll messed up. I just realized that the date and time on camera was still set at 2007 xD
So yeah, I guess ignore that. Everything you see on my deviant art was from this year lol